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Our Tour Guide and Driver

A guide and a driver are quite necessary in your tour trip. A professional guide and experienced driver are a must. All guides provided by, are qualified professionals and registered English Speaking Tourist Guides in China relative travel administrative department, who are reassessed annually. Not only can they guide you around every attraction but also lead you deeper into Chinese culture by telling background stories of the tour sites. Regarding to our drivers, they are all licensed and experienced with no traffic accident record.

Moreover, both our guides and driver are considerate and responsible.

At the airport, you would be met in time, greeted by our fluently English- speaking guide and transferred safely to attraction by our driver. As your tour commences, the driver would drive you to every destination in your itinerary and the guide would accompany you during the whole sightseeing process. Both the guide and driver would be at your service throughout the tour.

Finally, our guides and drivers have a great organizing and accommodating ability so they can handle various unexpected events during your tour and assure you of a wonderful tour experience in Beijing.

Our Vehicles for Your Use

As a tourist, you might care about the vehicle provided for your use during the tour. Is it comfortable? Safe? Air-conditioned? Enough space? Clean? The vehicle condition can directly influence your tour quality. Besides, in China, the vehicles need to be tourism qualification certificate of operating vehicles, not just a tour guide’s personal car.

Our company realized that you want to travel in the comfortable way. All of our vehicles are air-conditioned, clean, seated comfortable, uncrowded and safe. And all of our vehicles are tourism qualification certificate of operating vehicles.